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ROAMpay Swipe

Swipe with confidence.

ROAMpay Swipe is the fastest and easiest way to securely complete that transaction no matter where you are.  The new ROAMpay Swipe offers your customers the ease of effortless purchasing and lets you take advantage of the lowest card present rates.  Your credit card information is encrypted at the swipe, ensuring safety and security on every transaction.

The ROAMpay Swipe is small enough to carry in your pocket and fits in your device’s audio input jack.  No bulky attachments.  No special adapters.  Just fast, convenient transactions with all the security ROAM is known for.

Currently compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • ROAMpay Virtual Terminal

ROAMpay Bluetooth Printer-Swiper

No messy wires necessary.

The ROAMpay Bluetooth Printer-swiper is the rugged, reliable all-in-one payment solution for the merchant on the go.  Take your mobile business to the next level by adding the ability to swipe your customer’s credit card and print receipts anywhere at any time.

With the ROAMpay Bluetooth Printer-swiper, you can offer your customers the convenience of fast, easy transactions.  The device connects to your handset using Bluetooth, so no cables are necessary.  The compact design allows it to fit easily in the glove box of your car or right on your hip with the included belt holster.  The device is also fully encrypted, so merchants can assure customers that their sensitive information is never exposed.

Compatible with:

  • BlackBerry
  • Android

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ROAMpay G3X Swipe Reader

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