Credit card swipe for at&t android phone

Credit Card Swipe for AT&T Android Phone
Credit Card Swipe For ATT Android Phone
The economy has caused you to seriously consider a side business, and your handyman skills seem like the best route. More people are choosing to repair things rather than replace them, and this is just what you love to do. Being able to accept credit card payments would make it easier for your potential customers to pay, especially those spur of the moment inquiries that could easily turn into a service call if the individual had cash on hand. Accepting credit cards by mobile phone seems sensible, but is there a way to use credit card swipe for AT&T Android phone models?

Most smartphone models are able to process credit card payments. There are a few basic necessities in order to setup your phone for credit card payment acceptance.

You need a credit card app for your Android smartphone. ROAMpay is an example of a free app for credit card processing.
You need a merchant account with a merchant services provider authorized by your app company. PaymentMax works in cooperation with ROAMPay.
While credit transactions can be keyed into a smartphone, upon approval by PaymentMax you are able to order a credit card swipe device at a discounted rate.

Using credit card swipe for AT&T Android phone, you will be able to keep the payment process streamlined and secure for your clients. Secure transaction processing complies with PCI standards, and your resulting funds are quickly deposited into your own checking account. PaymentMax’s transfer time is one day. You can save time in not having to run to the bank as frequently, and your risk of loss from bad checks is limited because you are able to accept debit cards.


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